What does Charlottesville have to do with NASCAR and Appalachia?

img_20170602_113802.jpgWhen I am not writing posts for the blog “Appalachian Chained”, I am usually covering news and sports stories of interest as a freelance multimedia journalist. This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to cover the big extravaganza known as the Night Races at Bristol on Friday and Saturday nights.

I’m there with my camera in hand taking photos of the cars in action, photos of the drivers and recording video of interviews all to put together in some multimedia form for a client or report about the events on my own.

This past weekend, I was covering the race weekend for a good friend and his online publication in Waynesboro, VA. We met online years ago and finally got to meet face to face back in March of 2017. He gave me the opportunity to cover the events at Bristol Motor Speedway for his publication and also to give me the chance to get back into the swing of reporting.

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