Helping is just our way here in Appalachia


For the last two weeks, the weather has certainly been in the news.  Hurricane Harvey hit coastal Texas and precipitation totals of over 50 inches of rain have inundated Houston and other parts of the Lone Star state.

Now, Hurricane Irma is bearing down on the Florida coast and has been recorded by some as the strongest Category Five hurricane on record and could affect our weather in Appalachia.

Despite feeling sometimes as the outcast of the United States, that mountain section of the country filled with “Bible thumpin’, gun totin’, redneck hillbillies” as we are referred to sometimes, has pitched in to help and most if not all without asking for a thing in return.

Just to meet the need.

Crews have left the Mountain Empire from where I live, taking on the responsibility of helping families in Texas devastated by the flooding of Harvey while some have left for Florida in preparation for what Irma might deliver by this weekend.

Despite the reputation and the perceived notion that we are “ignorants” in the mountains, we do have a heart; and a very big one at that. We take the criticism of where we are from, those preconceived notions of Appalachia, our talk and more, and drop what we are doing to go and help someone in need.

It’s just our way.

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